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Magna Marble is a Greek processing and mining company specialized in the production of high quality marble products and of marble by-products for the construction industry. This site is currently under construction. Should you have an inquiry, feel free to contact us.

We welcome all inquiries and will be happy to be of service.

MAGNA MARBLE, Mikras Asias 13, Nea Erithrea Attikis, TK 14671, Greece
Phone: +30 210 8002909, Fax: +30 210 8002907, E-mail: info@magnamarble.com



Our company today | See all About Us

Magna Marble is the result of a long history and know-how, established only recently, as part of our activities, to make the Magnesian marble known worldwide. A family tradition of 4 generations, now joined with the latest technology, allow us to offer today both a select range of products and competitive pricing. Our team works closely with the customers and with our production crew, to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Read more



Availability | See all Products

Magna Marble offers quality marble products at competitive prices. Our expertise is here to assist our customers at every step of the ordering process. We pride our selves on our inventory and our customers are always welcome to visit our showroom or order online. Either it's marble blocks or slabs or tiles or measured to fit, we are sure to meet our customers specific needs. Read more



Quarries | See all Production

Magna Marble presently has at its disposal two quarries in the area of Magnesia Greece, consisting primarily of white and black marble. The white marble quarry has excellent quality material, a large amount of material is readily available, before further extraction is required. The black marble quarry, also in Magnesia, has varried quality rare black marble which is unique world wide from what we know. Read more


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